Hi! I’m Kris. Welcome to my facial studio – Kris Sara Spa! Thank you so much for being here to learn a bit more about what I have to offer and what I do. I’m a skincare expert that specializes in facials using plant-based and cruelty-free products. My goal is to make sure you’re getting the best facial experience, using the best ingredients, and giving you the most relaxing time. Here’s a bit more about me and what I can offer you.

What Makes Me Different

So there are a lot of skincare professionals to choose from and I’m likely not the only one you know, but I am different because I put my time into catering to your skin type perfectly, while only using clean ingredients on your skin. I focus on giving your skin a full revamp and refresh while allowing you to relax fully as well. Here at Kris Sara Spa, you will also be greeted by a sweet emotional support dog who will lovingly greet you upon arrival, making the experience just that much better.

The experience from when you book your appointment, step into the door, get your service, and book your next appointment is all done with you in mind. This makes the experience seamless and very effective and relaxing. I don’t focus on just the technique when it comes to facials, but rather trying to make you feel great, relaxed, and revived.

Redefine Sublime: What Does It Mean?

My slogan – Redefine Sublime- gives you a peek into what I’m here to accomplish with my services. Redefining sublime means basically redefining the way that you look at yourself. I’m here to make you radiant and glowing in your natural skin while pampering you and relaxing you for an in-depth experience that is more rewarding than just your standard facial.

So essentially, Redefine Sublime is the way I like to describe the journey you experience when getting a facial from me and it’s my goal to accomplish just that.

What Can You Expect?

When you book a service with me I try and make it a seamless process. Simply select the service, include any add-ons in the notes section, and select a time slot that works best for you. When you arrive for your appointment an emotional support animal will be there to lovingly greet you! Your facial will be catered solely to you and your skin type, allowing the products to be as effective as possible. I focus on your face, neck, and decollete areas giving you the full facial experience.

My facials are effective and relaxing at the same time, as I focus on both technique and limited massage to make certain you’re feeling sublime during my service.

What Services Do I Offer?

I offer an array of different facial services from my Gold & Carat facial to an Oliofix facial for temperamental skin. Browse my services on my website for a more in-depth look into what I offer and what type of facial might be best for you based on the description, time invested and financial information. This is a great time to consult my loyalty club and referral pages to save you money.

How Can I Book?

You can easily book an appointment on my website. If there any technical glitches you can call me (see Contact page). I’ve made it super easy to look through my services outlining the specifics of what will be focused and what you can expect. You can then choose the facial service you want, select your preferred date and time, and submit! Show up to my spa location ready to have a relaxed experience while your skin is being taken care of. Book now! Gift certificates are available as well.