Vegan skincare is starting to get more popular and I am here to be an advocate for it! I’m a huge advocate for vegan and more organic skincare, so much so that I’m creating my own skincare line. If you’re unsure about vegan skincare or if you want to know more about it, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be looking into what vegan skincare really is, how it compares to traditional skincare, and how you can make the change to implement more vegan skincare into your life.

A Look Into Vegan Skincare

Vegan skincare is becoming more popular and brands are beginning to make the switch to using all vegan products. Now what does vegan skincare mean, exactly? Well, vegan skincare essentially means that there are no ingredients that are derived from animals. Now this doesn’t mean it’s all-natural or that it is organic, but being vegan is still a huge step in the right direction when it comes to trying to eliminate the amount of animal testing and cruelty that can come in the making of some products.

Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare

Vegan skincare is a better option for more than one reason. If you’re on the fence about vegan skincare, stay tuned as I dive into some benefits of using vegan skincare in your daily life. Vegan skincare is obviously great because no animals were harmed or used at all in the making of the products. Another great benefit is that oftentimes vegan skincare will prioritize more natural ingredients and you have a higher chance of getting in those extra vitamins.

Vegan skincare is also very gentle on the skin and can usually be used on more sensitive-skinned people. It can hold ingredients that are more calming and natural to the skin. The environmental impact of using vegan brands is a step in the right direction for anyone using them. Choosing vegan options supports sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Is Vegan Skincare as Effective as Traditional Skincare?

So we know that vegan skincare is sustainable and it’s great in terms of the animals, but is is comparable in results to traditional skincare brands? The answer is: YES! Vegan skincare brands actually seem to usually have better ingredients, more natural ingredients, and overall better results with less irritation. If you’re used to your traditional skincare, it may take your skin a little bit of time to purge once switching to vegan skincare lines, but you can expect flawless results with long-term use. Ultimately, vegan skincare is just as good, if not better, than regular skincare and it should be recognized by the great ingredients in them.

The Ethical Edge of Vegan Skincare

One thing to note about vegan skincare is that there is an ethical edge that it has in comparison to other brands. Those who care about animals and who are looking to achieve a vegan lifestyle are looking for these types of brands that are vegan. Vegan skincare can seem so simple, but it has a huge impact that can affect the environment, animal welfare, sustainability, our carbon footprint, and so much more. Not to mention they are educating and bringing awareness to the practices often used by companies in the beauty industry.

Vegan skincare is promoting a cause and bringing awareness which is the most important thing that it is doing and that is the most important thing that you’d be doing by using vegan skincare. It’s definitely taking advantage of the ethical difference that they are making, but that’s exactly the impact that’s needed to make a difference.

Your Journey to Vegan Skincare

You might be wondering how you can start your vegan skincare journey. Luckily, brands make it really easy nowadays to be recognized when they have characteristics such as being vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and any other distinctive labeling. Researching the best vegan skincare brands can give you a place to start. (Mine will be launching VERY soon – Stay Tuned!) Replacing your everyday skincare routine essentials like moisturizers, masks, toners, serums, and even chapsticks and lip balm can make a huge difference.

How Do I Transition To A Vegan Skincare Routine?

Transitioning to a vegan skincare routine is easy and there isn’t much to be worried about. You should educate yourself a bit about the ingredients in your products, what to stay away from, and things to recognize. It’s almost important to check for the symbolism of vegan products on the packaging as an indicator. Trying out vegan skincare should be fun and you should explore the different brands and options while sticking close to a regimen that’s recommended by your Esthetician.

You can curate a whole skincare regimen with all vegan products. There are so many options as vegan skincare is taking off, so you should have no problems with finding your essentials in vegam form. You can find everything from moisturizers, toners, serums, and even to masks and sheet masks.

What Does The Future of Vegan Skincare Look Like?

Vegan skincare and other vegan products are on the rise. The future for vegan sourced products is rising exponentially and many of the top known brands are exploring their place in vegan skin and beauty. Ultimately, vegan skincare can be expected to be the new “normal” when it comes to brands formulating their products and it’s all because of these vegan skincare brands taking the first step!

Final Thoughts

Vegan skincare has a huge potential to be a part of everyone’s routine and also be a starting point for other brands to join in and make the switch to being vegan and choosing to be more sustainable, eco-friendly, and animal friendly with their processes. Vegan skincare has so many benefits that make it worth the investment. This article is just touching on the basics of vegan skincare but as we’ve touched on, there is a huge market for vegan skincare and the expansion of vegan products all together. You can start your vegan skincare journey today by switching out your daily products!