If you’ve ever gone to get a facial by your favorite Esthetician then chances are you’ve had extractions done or just possibly heard of them. Extractions are a popular method to extract the gunk out of your pores, but there’s way more to this than you might think. There are a lot of different methods to do this and based on your preference and the client’s skin type there might be better options than others. Today we’re giving you a look into extractions, techniques for doing them, and what might be the best methods. Let’s get into it.

What Are Extractions?

Extractions are the process of clearing our clogged pores. Extractions can often be done during a facial, so you may have had them done before. It’s a physical or mechanical way to eliminate your clogged pores. Essentially the esthetician will go in with tools, their fingers, or other methods in order to help extract your clogged pores. It’s a common service that’s done during facials and it has a great effect on those that have visible acne or pores that are clogged on their face. There are many different methods to go about doing extractions.

Extraction Methods That Can Be Used

There are a few different methods when it comes to extractions. What method is used may be preference to the Esthetician or be best for the client’s skin type and needs. Here are the main extraction methods that may be used.

Manual Extraction

Manual extraction would be using your hands or some sort of tool in your hands without it being some sort of machine. You can use your fingertips for this with gloves to extract or you can use two cotton swabs to extract with. This method is the most common one used simply because it’s always accessible. It was the first extraction method and will continue to be a staple method in the skincare world.

Extraction Tools

Extraction tools are often used and they are becoming more common in today’s time. These tools are often smaller metal tools with circular ends or pointed ends for proper extraction. These do a great job of getting the extractions odne quicker than using your finger, but there are downfalls to this method. Because you’re using th metal tool, it can be a bit rough which won’t be comfortable and can end the zen in a facial setting. It also has a potential to cause scarring especially in young clients. It’s best to use these tools with proper preparation to ensure best results.

Microderm/Vacuum Pore Cleaners

Microderms and vacuum pore cleaner gadgets are often used to help clean up the pores in a minimal invasive way without disturbing the peace of a facial too much. These services help to bring more to a facial while also giving the pores a deeper clean than manual extractions may be able to do. There also is minimal to no chance of scarring with this method versus using extraction tools.

High Frequency

High frequency can be a great add on to services and it’s perfect for more spot on treatment of acne. This is great for zapping acne without being invasive at all or taking away the relaxation of a facial. It’s not necessarily your typically way of doing extractions as you’re not really extracting anything, but it’s still great for getting rid of your problem areas and acne.

What Are The BEST Extraction Methods?

The chance of potential scarring and overall comfort of the service makes manual extractions and extraction tools to be the lesser option. Ultimately, using a high frequency machine for spot treatment and a microdermabrasion machine or vacuum pore cleaning machine for extractions is the best method. It helps to keep the facial very calming and relaxing while also getting the results of extractions.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between having a useful facial with all the add ons and also havinga peaceful environment. These tools helps to keep that energy and allow the recipient to enjoy the experience without missing out on all of the fun of extractions!

When Do You Need Extractions?

You don’t NEED extractions at all, and actually some people might be better off not getting them due to their skin type. With this being said, most people will get extractions done as needed. It’s important to not overdo it on the extractions because it can cause damage to the skin or irritate it. Getting a skin consultation done by an Esthetician can help you identify how often you should get extractions and how much your skin can handle.

How Often Should You Get Extractions Done?

There is no specific timeline of how often you should get extractions odn because everyone’s skin is different. There are A LOT of factors that go into this like skin type, how often your pores get clogged, your age, and more! Your pores are visible to the naked eye and many can see them with a magnifying mirror or being able to look up closely in a normal mirror. If you notice that you have blackheads, whiteheads, and mores that look clogged then that’s a sign it might be time to get extractions done.

Should You Do Extractions Yourself?

You should never do extractions yourself. Extractions might look like something that’s easy to do at home, but there is a high chance of skin damage and scarring if you are doing extractions incorrectly and without the proper prep work. Estheticians are trained in the techniques, prep work, and ability to identify skin type in order to ensure a successful extraction session. Without this training there is a chance of scarring, pain, and exposure to bacteria.

Final Thoughts

Extractions have become a huge part of the skincare industry and it’s become a staple service within Esthetics. Extractions are very satisfying and seeing the results is always great, but taking the time to understand the different methods and what might be best is important too. KNowing about extractions and how they can be worked into a relaxing facial is key to keeping the zen and getting the results!